Footpath & A-Frame Sign

Hercules Custom Footpath & A-frame Sign

Our footpath sign and A-frame are the ideal way to promote any business, help you provide notification to passerby and drive traffic into your store. Our range of point of signage includes A-frame payment sign/sandwich boards, footpath sign for displaying permanent graphics or posters or write on Chalk messages.


Our A-frame pavement sign/ sandwich board is a powder-coated metal stand that holds two corflute/ Aluminium composite (ACM) panels in place. It is designed with extra sturdy out in the wind. Perfect for business to apply in both indoor or outdoor purpose display periodic promotions. And simple swap out the existing promotional posters with flexibility.

Option 1: Confluence Pannels
Option 2: Aluminium composite(ACM) Panels
Full-colour printing on UV resistant vinyl
Mounted on heavy-duty confluence board / Aluminium composite board
Each sandwich board / A-frame holds two graphic panels
Waterproof and weather resistant
Standard available size in 600mm x 900mm, 900mm x 1200mm




Need a high-quality footpath sign wedge advertisement at a great value price?

Our footpath sign includes a water-filled base and a quality double sided Aluminium sign panel. Quick and easy assembly – no tools required! The strengthen plastic water-filled base allows you to add weights by filling water to make the sign more steady in the wind. Your promotional message is printed on the UV resistant Intermediate Vinyl and laminated to improve outdoor durability. Use it with easy clean chalkboard vinyl, and you can customise your daily / weekly special by simply writing on it with liquid or stick chalk pens, and erase it when it’s time to change the special.

  • Option 1: Printed vinyl
  • Option 2: Chalkboard vinyl
  • Option 3: Combination of 2 vinyl types
  • Double Sided
  • Laminated to protect and extend the life of your prints
  • Mounted on ACM panel and supported on a water-filled base
  • Weather resistant
  • Available size is 600mm x 800mm