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1. The strength of Hercules

2. Instant Strength, Instant Stability

3. Hercules,Shade from the Sun of Zeus up in an instance a Godly erection

4. Need shelter call on the God’s of shelter Hercules shelters the one the people believe and trust in

5. For a magnificent shelter look no further than Hercules Shelters

6. Instant strength and stability

7. HERCULES Instant Shelters

8. They’re tough, they’re strong… and to put ’em up won’t take long

9. New Zealand weather – trust a Hercules

10. Up in an instant, covered with confidence

11. HERCULES SHELTERS made as tough as the Gods

12. Hercules harnesses the strength and protection of a kauri tree

13. With the Strength of Hercules, we have u covered

14. For shelter from all weather, Hercules it! Assembled instantly, can’t beat strength and durability

15. Want a Gazebo, Hercules has the Strength

16. Hercules has the Shelter, Stand Up and Stand Out

17. Go with the flow go to the show enjoy the space of a Hercules Gazebo

18. Up in an instant, Hercules the fastest shelter in town

19. Whatever Reason, Whatever Season

20. Strength, durability, no myth

21. Hercules…whatever the weather

22. Let the strength of Hercules keep you covered, whatever the weather

23. Hercules, made from the strength of the Gods to shelter you from the battles of the seasons

24. No fuss, no worries, hercules instant shelter got you covered

25. Hercules: top of the top

26. Where quality is expected

27. Your ultimate shelter

28. You couldn’t ask for anything better

29. It just could’t be better.

30. Hercules: Strong as legend

31. The Hero of All Instant Shelters “HERCULES”

32. Just like Hercules, it won’t let you down

33. Hercules shelter,strong ,provides protection and easy to assemble

34. Shelter without the skelter

35. Hercules in legend and Hercules in name and strength

36. With the strength of Hercules, you know we got you covered

37. Hercules Gazebos We got u covered & protected from the elements

38. There are no strength like a Hercules

39. Super strong, Just like the gods, Protecting and sheltering

40. Hercules got you covered with a Instant Shelter

41. Instantly up for when you have four seasons in one day, Hercules always has you covered

42. Slip, slap, shade and shelter-Hercules Gazebos

43. Cover Up with Hercules

44. Buy quality, buy a Hercules

45. All over with Hercules

46. Hercules – A hero among shelters

47. Hercules Instant Shelters, We got this

48. Sheltering you from the Gods

49. Tougher than any ponytail

50. Hercules Instant Shelter. Legendary

51. Hercules gazebos. Legendary

52. Whatever the weather Hercules got you covered

53. Son of Zeus, Hercules will protect you in any situation

54. The protection of a demi-god

55. Strength of Legend

56. Instant protection

57. For shelter from all weather, Hercules it! Assembled instantly, can’t beat strength and durability!

58. When you got no time but need to cover the fam, Hercules Shelters quick and easy.

59. Got you covered

60. Mighty Hercules the instant shelter of sheer strength

61. I can go the distance

62. The strength of a Hero in just 60 seconds

63. Hercules. The god of all shelters, has you covered

64. Non~plus ~Ultra

65. Nothing further Beyond

66. Hercules Strength

67. Hercules Instant Shelters Easy up covers, get yours today

68. Super strong!
Highly stable in every weather! Perfect for outdoor activities!

69. Hercules n beyond

70. You don’t look like a Jerk-rules, when you under a Hercules

71. When dealing with Mother Nature why not grab a Hercules !!

72. Only heavens above

73. You need strength
You need reliability
You need protection
You need easy
You need Hercules Instant shelters
Shelter for the people

74. No weakpoints in this Hercules

75. Strong is what we need

76. Hercules instant reliable strength.

77. Hercules instant shelter
Will stop your swelter in the hot sun

Putting up Gazebos is no fun, but Hercules goes up with ease

In Winter it will stop the freeze of the cold air fresh breeze

Hercules Gazebos are strong and tough, they’re made of all the right stuff

Buy one for the family or your friends, to chill out in or the Party that never ends

How can something so easy be so strong, buy Hercules for Xmas you can’t go wrong

78. To use is quick, they look slick and always do the trick, Hercules Instant Shelters.

79. This Hercules doesn’t fly away from any type of weather, can’t beat a Hercules Instant Shelter.
80. Easy to use and easy care, Hercules Instant Shelters are made to share
81. Strong shelter straight up
82. Hercules shelters stand above all others
83. Hercules Shelters stand fast
84. Hercules Instant Shelters, pop up everywhere!
85. Hercules Instant Shelters – heroic strength

87. Hercules Instant Shelters – Shelter you come back to

88. Hercules Instant Shelter – elemental protection. Michelle Wos

89. More strength and muscle than Arnold

90. No muscle required. It’s all supplied

91. Hercules Instant Shelters Easy up covers, get yours today

92. covers for all seasons get a Hercules Instant Shelter

93. Hercules Shelters providing comfort, strength and protection. Stay covered with Hercules Instant Shelter.

94. We won’t let you get blown away.

95. Hercules instant shelter protects you from the elements

96. Hercules Instant Shelters – upstanding in their field Carelle Austin

97. Hercules Instant Shelters – Stand quick, stay put. Pip Ben-Shimol

98. Who are we HERCULES what are we GAZEBOS What for INSTANT SHELTER. Come on down to one of our stores an let our team take you on an explore. HERCULES INSTANT SHELTER is long-lasting an affordable for you ALL

99.  In a bad spot when it’s hot
Sun lover and got no cover?
Need something tough in the rough?
Look no further Hercules all you need.

100. Olympus might have fallen. But Hercules will stand strong for you….I would share this with our club. Pikiao club rooms

101. Covering you from all the elements

102. All occasions covered

103. Sheltered in style

104. Hercules – we’ve got it covered

105. Hercules – built to go the distance.

106. With godlike strength and durability, and assembly as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Hercules Instant Shelter has you covered.

107. Hercules Instant Shelter – protecting you from the wrath of the Gods since 2008.

108. Well Im strong shady the real strong shady and all you other Gazebos are just imitating so wont the real strong shady please stand up please stand up

109. Stand tall, stand dry, with Hercules gazebos –
There strong that’s why

110. Nz seasons have no fear as Hercules instant shelter can always be there.

111. Hercules – Centuries old strong & reliable

112. Hercules instant shelter, protecting you and your family against the elements since 2008

113. Hercules Instant Shelter.
Requires no assistance.
Goes the distance.
Strong and resistant.
Sheltering you since 2008

114. Hercules Shelter providing comfort, strength and protection. Stay covered with Hercules Instant Shelter.

115. Protection is our priority

116. Have no fear Hercules here to shelter you from all weather.

117. Instantly up for when you have four seasons in one day.

118. Hercules Instant Shelter. Legendary!

119. Hercules gazebos. Legendary!

120. Hercules Instant Shelters, We got this!

121. outweighing the odds

122. For all Roamin Hero’s