Gazebo and Marquee Hire

Our Wellington branch offers gazebo hiring services for your temporary outdoor shading needs, the aluminium gazebo we rent are of excellent quality to withstand most New Zealand weather conditions. However, we do not stock plenty of gazebos and marquees for rental since we are not specialists in event equipment hire.  Gazebo colour and frame model will be rented out randomly depending on our stock availability. If you have extreme preferences for a certain colour and frame, please contact us to confirm. Please note the service is only available in our Wellington branch.


Gazebos Available for Rental

Gazebo Hire Prices

Size Side Unit Price
3x3m $100 + GST per day
3×4.5m $130 + GST per day
3x6m $150 + GST per day

*A Set Of Pegs & Guy Ropes include

Size Side Unit Price
3x3m $200 + GST
3×4.5m $260 + GST
3x6m $300+ GST

*A Set Of Pegs & Guy Ropes include

Size Side Unit Rate
3m $10 + GST per day
4.5m $15 + GST per day
6m $20 + GST per day
Steel Leg Weight $5 + GST per day

Rental Terms & Conditions

●This service is only available in our Wellington branch. NOT available in Auckland and Christchurch anymore.

●All Prices exclude GST and based on the customer to pick up and return.

●For working day gazebo hire, the duration of rental includes the hirer collecting on the date they pick up and drop off on the following day.

●For weekend gazebo hire, the duration of rental includes the hirer picking up on Friday and drop off before Monday noon. One day weekend hire is the same price as weekend hire for Saturday to Sunday.

●We may charge extra costs if you delay returning the gazebo.

●Colour of fabric will be selected randomly depends on stock availability.

●The hirer has the responsibility to keep the gazebo and accessories clean and tidy. We reserve the right to ask for compensation if the returning gazebo is uncleaned or damaged.

●Store operation hours:  Mon.- Fri: 9 am to 5 pm,  Sat.: 9 am to 3 pm  Sunday & Public holiday closed.


Set up assistance

We offer a set up on-site service for your special requirement, and it will be charged an additional fee. Please contact us to schedule.



Bond is $200 (refundable when returning the gazebo), and the deposit is 20% non-refundable, the rest need to be paid on pick up.

Gazebo Hire VS Purchase

Gazebo hire or gazebo for sale – which choice represents the best value? If it’s regularly needed at the same venue, then the cost benefits shift towards purchase. Hiring even two or three times can be more costly than owning your own. The benefit of owning is that you can custom print it for maximum brand exposure. You may be looking for second-hand gazebos for sale, second-hand party tents for sale, but if you have decided to purchase new, you can find more product details about buying a pop up gazebo here at Hercules pop up gazebo range.