Residential Spa Gazebos

Relax outdoors in a spa gazebo for a serene experience. The Hercules pop up gazebo is a versatile shelter for home and living. Unlike wooden garden gazebos, it’s a foldable metal structure perfect for outdoor recreation. Enjoy fresh air longer, set up and fold down in seconds, saving space in your residence. Suitable for deck, pool, and hot tub areas. It’s important to ensure that your spa gazebo is thoroughly dried before packing and storing it.

  • Simple set-up, easy storage and transportable;
  • Waterproof, UV resistance(UPF 50+), and fire retardancy;
  • Widest selection of gazebo sizes and colours;
  • Optional sidewalls and weights are available;
  • The PVC fabric option can be requested for more frequent use.

Choosing the Right Gazebo Roof Material

We offer two options for gazebo canopies: the standard heavy-duty 320GSM PVC-coated polyester canopy and the premium 520GSM 100% PVC canopy. Both options are 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, fire-retardant, and designed to last for years. The polyester canopy is included in the standard gazebo package, and the PVC canopy is available upon request.

Similar to how the different gazebo frames are suited to different applications, our canopy fabrics are the same. In our range of fabrics, we would not say the more expensive one is much “better” than another, simply that they are suited to different applications.

Explore Our Gazebo Fabrics for Your Needs: PVC Coated Polyester or 100% PVC

1) 320GSM PVC-coated polyester 2) 520GSM 100% PVC
pvc fabric

The most common gazebo fabric

Easy to use, lighter to carry

Overall cost effective

The premium version of gazebo fabric

A higher cost and heavyweight

High value

Recommendation: If you are buying a gazebo to use only a couple of times a year, such as for a short camping trip or a temporary deck party, we would recommend that the standard 320GSM PVC-coated polyester canopy is good enough for these purposes. Recommendation: The fabric is suitable for prolonged exposure to UV rays, ensuring durability even in direct sunlight. It is well-suited for semi-permanent applications, such as cafes, bars, etc., where the gazebo will be left up for extended periods.

We are happy to assist if you have any questions about choosing the right spa gazebos. Enquire…

Recommended Residential & Spa Gazebos



FROM NZD 719.00
Anodised Aluminium
45mm Hexagon Legs
1.5mm Alloy Thickness
Reinforced Nylon Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
50kph Wind Rating

PRO 37


From NZD 949.00
Anodised Aluminium
37mm Square Legs
2mm Alloy Thickness
Mounded Aluminum Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
Medium Weight
60kph Wind Rating

PRO 40


FROM NZD 1299.00
Anodised Aluminium
40mm Square Legs
2mm Alloy Thickness
Mounded Aluminum Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
Medium to Heavy Weight
80kph Wind Rating

PRO 57


FROM NZD 1449.00
Anodised Aluminium
57mm Hexagon Legs
2mm Alloy Thickness
Mounded Aluminum Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
Heavy Weight
up to 80kph Wind Rating