Hercules™ Instant Shelter provides a limited manufacturing warranty on all products from the date of original purchase that the product will be free from defect in material and workmanship. The length of the limited warranty may vary by product. The warranty is valid for the original purchaser from the date of initial purchase and is not transferable. If a product from us does not contain any warranty information below then we will provide a 30-day manufacturing warranty.

Table of Hercules® Instant Shelter Warranty

Product range Model Warranty Note
Outdoor Instant Shelter Fabric Standard Fabric – PVC Coated Polyester 1 Year
Premium Fabric – 100% PVC (580 GSM) 2 Year
Pop Up Gazebo Series 30 Frame 2 Year 30mm Square/Steel frame
Hex 45S Frame 3 Year 45mm Hexagonal/Steel frame
Hex 45A Frame 3 Year 45mm Hexagonal/Aluminium frame
Pro 37 Frame 6 Year 37mm Square/Aluminium frame
Pro 40 Frame 8 Year 40mm Square/Aluminium frame
Pro 57 Frame 10 Year 57mm Hexagonal/Aluminium frame
Stylish Event Marquee Pavilion 5 Year
Inflatable 5 Year
Star Marquee – Single or Double Peak 3 Year
Outdoor Umbrella Fabric Solution-dyed Acrylic

Residential: 10 Year

Commercial: 5 Year

See “outdoor umbrella warranty” for conditions
Solution-dyed Polyester 2 Year
Centre Pole Umbrella Venus umbrella/Eventi umbrella

Residential: 6 Year

Commercial: 3 Year

Cantilever Umbrella Palencia cantilever umbrella

Residential: 3 Year

Commercial: 2 Year

Bespoke Display Item Bespoke Display Item Fabric 30 Days
Accessory Accessory  Accessory 1 Year

Limitation of liability

Hercules™ Instant Shelter will not be responsible for the damage to your product caused by adverse weather conditions, incorrect assembly, dismantling, improper storage or accidental damage. Colour fading and UV breakdown of any fabric from exposure to sunlight are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (Unless specified otherwise in the product description or instruction manual). Causes of damages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Incorrect installation and storage.
  • Item is left up outside without proper anchoring for a long period of time.
  • Set up the item under the extreme wind conditions.
  • Damaged caused by several weather conditions.
  • Using item without properly anchored.
  • Repack a wet or damp item after use.
  • Overcleaning or improper cleaning to the item.
  • Canopy remains attached on the folded frame during transport.
  • Continue to use the item when a fault or minor defect occurs.

The customer MUST notify Hercules Instant Shelter within 24 hours if you receive the goods and they are damaged. Failure to do so may result in the customer being liable for the goods. We will arrange prompt corrective action and resend your order.

We advise you to seek private insurance to protect yourself against these possibilities. Please check the contents of the boxes in advance of using your product for the first time, we would recommend that you check if you have all the components within 14 days of receiving the products. Ensure that you are familiar with the erecting of the product. You should familiarise yourself with the structure including any restriction it may have for your particular use.

Outdoor Umbrella Warranty


Hercules Instant Shelter provides a limited warranty on the frames of our various umbrellas as outlined above in the table. This warranty covers faulty materials and faulty workmanship only. It does not include accessories such as installation fittings.

The warranty for all umbrella bases and installation fittings/accessories is one (1) year. This warranty covers manufacturers defects only.



Hercules Instant Shelter provides a limited warranty on the canopy fabric of our various umbrellas as outlined above in the table.

  • The fabric warranty covers the canopy fabric only. It specifically excludes items such as thread, zips, velcro, webbing and binding used in canopy fabrication. The warranty for these items is one (1) year.
  • The fabric warranty protects against umbrella fabric becoming unserviceable due to significant loss of colour from normal usage and exposure conditions. Our Acrylic umbrella fabric is warrantied to remain a light-fastness rating of 7-8 on a 1-8 scale (ie. no significant fading) for the duration of the warranty period. Colours utilising Red and Yellow pigment (eg. Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, etc.) will retain a lower colour fastness rating, which means it they will show signs of fading earlier.
  • The fabric warranty does not cover damage caused by wind or adverse weather conditions, fair wear and tear, accidents, misuse, burns, negligence, vandalism, perforations or environmental pollution.

Warranty Claim

Should your gazebo roof or frame be damaged, please contact a nearest Hercules™ Instant Shelter store. The following options are available.



Contact Hercules™ Instant Shelter with the following details.

  • Purchase details (name, contact and invoice number, etc.)
  • Description of the fault/the damage.
  • Photos of the fault/the damage.

We will assess the fault/the damage and either suggest a repair, or exchange. DO NOT return an item without authorisation. We reserve the right to repair or replace any part which may prove not faulty.



This would have been a simple process if you had purchased a Hercules ™ Instant Shelter as all spare parts can be purchased in the store. Advise which size of canopy roof or which connectors, truss bar or leg requires replacement. As for the replacement parts, you can use an Allen key or screwdriver to remove damage component, replace with the new part.


If you have questions about our Warranty Policy, please contact us.