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Elevate your outdoor events effortlessly with our Hercules gazebos. Opt for a pop up metal gazebo for a sturdy structure and hassle-free setup, ensuring reliability and convenience for gatherings of any size. From intimate occasions to grand settings, our versatile range has all gazebo sizes covered. Perfect for market stalls, promotions, or larger gatherings, our gazebos offer ample coverage while keeping things polished and professional, allowing you to elevate events of any scale, small or big.

2M X 2M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 6 standing people

2.5M X 2.5M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 8 standing people

3M X 3M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 12 standing people

3M X 4.5M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 18 standing people

3M X 6M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 24 standing people

HEX 5.5M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 28 standing people

4M X 4M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 26 standing people

4M X 6M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 40 standing people

4M X 8M Gazebo

Comfortably fits 52 standing people

We Can Custom Print Gazebos

Are you specifically in search of a gazebo with branding? Tailor our gazebos with custom prints, ensuring they seamlessly align with and represent your distinctive brand identity.

Proceed straight to the page that meets your needs.

Combine All Sizes Desired to Create A Large Gazebo

Did not find your preferred gazebo size? or our ready-made gazebo sizes are just too small for you? We can help you design your customised gazebo size.

Thanks to the module system of our gazebos. The gazebos can simply be attached to the sides, without any technical knowledge. This allows you to combine two different or two identical sizes or more to create a larger covered area. Below are some recommended sizes.

Please get in touch if you need assistance in choosing the right gazebo size. Enquire…

3M X 9M Gazebo

Combine two 3×4.5m gazebos

6M X 6M Gazebo

Combine 3x3m & 3x6m gazebos

6M X 6M Gazebo

Combine two 3x6m gazebos

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