Steel Frame Gazebos

Our steel frame gazebos are easy to set up with no tools required. Made from powder-coated steel, they offer a cost-effective choice for those on a budget.

Designed in New Zealand for durability, they feature a quick-setup concertina system and can withstand various weather conditions. While not the cheapest, these steel pop up gazebos offer excellent value with 100% waterproof canopies, UV resistance, and flame retardancy. Choose from two options for occasional or frequent use, backed by a long warranty and readily available replacement parts at Hercules Instant Shelter.

If you need assistance or advice in selecting the perfect steel frame gazebo, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Hercules team in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. We’re here to help you.

Heavy Duty Steel Gazebos for Sale



FROM $499.00 NZD
Powder-Coated Steel
45mm Hexagon Legs
1.2mm Steel Thickness
Reinforced Nylon Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
Heavy Weight



FROM $339.00 NZD
Powder-Coated Steel
30mm Square Legs
Reinforced Nylon Joints
Pull-pin Leg Extender
Light Weight
Only Available in 2x2m

Why Hercules Steel Gazebos

UPF50+ UV Protection

Fully Waterproof

Flame Retardant

Certified Wind Resistant

Easy to Transport

Quick Set Up

Replaceable Frame

Custom Printing Service

We Can Custom Print Gazebos

Are you specifically in search of a gazebo with branding? Tailor our gazebos with custom prints, ensuring they seamlessly align with and represent your distinctive brand identity.

Proceed straight to the page that meets your needs.

Delighted Customers

If you've had bad experiences with cheap gazebos and need something that fits your needs and budget, Hercules is the right choice. Hear from happy customers who chose our steel pop-up gazebos.