Security & Anchoring

How to anchore/secure your gazebo?

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Some customers have emailed us for help, and the securing question is top 3 frequent.

People knows it’s really really important that gazebo should be set up in a very sturdy condition. However, just a few people really knows how to anchor gazebo correctly. Today, we would like to share how to secure your gazebo to decrease the risk of your gazebo “breaking dance” with the wind.

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#1: Make sure the canopy has been further tighten with supported strap

#2: Anchor pegs on each footplates 

#3: Add weight on each leg of the frame

#4: Anchor guy ropes

Recommended Method 1: Tie the guy ropes on the frame at 4 corners.

Recommended Method 2: Connect the guy ropes with D-rings attached on the canopy at 4 corners.

Recommended Method 1: Tie down the guy ropes with pegs on ground/lawn/field.

#5: Lower the height or take down the gazebo if necessary (extreme windy condition)

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#1: Use leg weights to instead of pegs

#2: Tie the guy ropes with a structure

If facing storm or tornado, pack all your stuff and go home. It’s not a great day to stay outside.

*Pop up gazebo is not recommendable for permanent usage or else it might become fly up gazebo.