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Stop Doing This To Your Gazebo

Stop Doing This To Your Gazebo
Our Hercules gazebo is designed for heavy-duty use. However, mistreatment and a lack of maintenance will shorten its life.

For instance, some users would keep canopy always attached on the frame that saving time on setup the next day. This preference may cause damage to the gazebo fabric, especially if the gazebo is being in transit?

The folding frame of each gazebo is specially designed with a scissor structure for a quick popup. If gazebo with the canopy still attached during movement will cause damage from extra wear and tear, and result in such as a few small nail holes, scrapes and smudges etc.

If you wish your gazebo a longer lifespan, we advise keeping the frame and canopy stored separately and dry in a carry bag when it’s not in use.

Looking For Replacement Or Repair?

If unfortunately your Hercules canopy got damaged, no worries, we supply replacement roof and repair patches to your needs. The repair patch is ideal to repair a minor damaged canopy. Otherwise, our range of replacement roof will be a better solution.  Click here for more product details.

If you intend to have a replacement canopy(either plain or printed) for a gazebo frame from another supplier, we could be of service, please contact us for more details and pricing.