Top 4 Reasons to Invest in a Portable Gazebo in NZ

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If you’ve been to an outdoor event lately—be it a wedding, a festival, or a friend’s outdoor dinner party—you’ve probably seen a pop-up gazebo in action. Portable gazebos and canopy tents appear just about everywhere these days, thanks largely to the universality of the benefits that they provide. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new gazebo in New Zealand, read on to learn about the top four advantages they offer.



The Benefits of Owning a Pop-up Gazebo

1. They provide portable shade: When you buy a portable gazebo in NZ, you suddenly have a shading device that you can take anywhere and use for virtually any purpose. Gazebos—particularly the ones we sell at Hercules Gazebo—are easy to fold up, pack away, and take with you anywhere you go. Assembly is incredibly simple as well, which means you will be enjoying the shade of your gazebo within a matter of minutes—something not every tent or canopy can give you.


2. They protect you from the hot sun: Summertime gets hot and dry in Australia, and if you aren’t in an area that provides much natural sun—in the way of trees or buildings—you could be at risk for overheating or serious sunburn. Having a pop-up gazebo that you can just keep in the back of your car allows you to protect yourself and your family from heat and UV radiation wherever you go. Whether it’s at the beach, on a camping trip or at a sporting event, buying a new gazebo in NZ will let you enjoy the outdoors without subjecting yourself to the brutal red hot summer sun.

3. They protect you from other elements, too: Portable gazebos are great for sun protection. However, a good gazebo will keep you protected from the other elements as well—from rain, sleet, snow, and hail to heavy winds. At Hercules Gazebo, our gazebos come with detachable sidewalls and feature strong steel or metal alloys. In other words, you can rely on them to keep out the elements even in severe weather.


4. They have versatile uses: Hercules Brand sells gazebos in three stores around New Zealand. We talk to customers shopping for pop-up gazebos daily and have done since we first got our start in 2008. We are always surprised and humbled by just how many different reasons customers give for buying portable gazebos. Some are looking for an easy tent or canopy that they can use to provide shade during summertime barbeques or parties. Others have kids involved in high school sports and want to be able to spectate comfortably. Some are business owners, shopping for tents they can use at trade shows or festivals. Our gazebos can meet all these needs and more.