Gazebo Detachable Banner

A detachable banner for a gazebo is a portable advertising or branding tool that can be easily attached and removed from a gazebo canopy.

The purpose of a detachable banner is to enhance visibility and promote a specific brand, message, or event. It allows businesses, organizations, or individuals to customize their gazebo with their logo, slogan, or any other desired graphics. These banners are commonly used at outdoor events, trade shows, fairs, festivals, sports events, or even as a promotional tool outside a business establishment.

The gazebo detachable banner is about 3m long and can be fitted to a 3x3m pop-up gazebo with a velcro strap outside. Send your enquiry or ask for a FREE mock-up today!

*Please note: The detachable banner can only be attached from a gazebo canopy that is designed with a long velcro at the outside panel.

Features of Gazebo Detachable Banners:

A gazebo detachable banner is a versatile and effective marketing tool that provides an eye-catching display for promoting brands, products, or events in various outdoor settings.

  • The banner material is made from PVC coated Polyester, that’s durable and weather-resistant same as the fabric of our polyester canopy.
  • The banner can be easily attached and removed from the specifically designed gazebo canopy.
  • The banner typically consists of a large printed sheet with Velcro straps.
  • The banner enhances visibility and promotes a brand, message, or event.
  • The banner allows customization with full-colour logos, slogans, or desired graphics.
  • The detachable feature enables easy banner changes or updates.
  • Velcro straps ensure a secure attachment to the gazebo canopy.
  • High-quality printing techniques ensure vibrant colours and clear graphics.