What to Consider Before You Buy a New Gazebo Tent in NZ

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When you start shopping our selection of gazebo tents at Hercules, you will quickly realise how much variety there is. Our range of gazebo tents includes six different ‘classes’ of gazebo. Within each series and class, there are further variations in tent size. Furthermore, you can customise your tent to be a certain colour or feature a company logo, brand name, or slogan. The variety that we offer at Hercules Brand can make it somewhat difficult to narrow down the selection and choose the right gazebo for you. Here are a few factors to think about when shopping for gazebo tents in NZ:


As mentioned previously, our different models and gazebo classes at Hercules are all available in various sizes. The available sizes vary depending on which gazebo model you choose. In general, our tents range from 2×2 metres on the low end of the size chart to 4×8 metres on the high end. The available size options in between include 2.5×2.5, 3×3 and 3×4.5. 3×3 metres is the standard size for our portable gazebos.



The tents in the Hercules range split into different ‘classes,’ such as Pro and Hex. Our Pro tents are our most durable, offering ten, seven and five-year warranties, respectively. Lower or mid-range gazebos offer two or three years of warranty coverage. The warranties cover the framework for the gazebo tents. If you plan to use your tent every weekend for sporting events or conventions, you might opt for a more durable option. If you think you will use your tent less frequently—like just a few times throughout the summer, for barbeques or other gatherings in your yard—you might opt for a lower-priced gazebo with a shorter warranty.


At Hercules, our gazebo tents for sale aren’t just standard designs. On the contrary, we can customise your tent to suit your needs. Pick your preferred colour, or send us a logo, and we will replicate it for your tent. Just let us know what you need regarding aesthetics, and we will create a design mock-up for you.