Thank you for selecting Hercules™ pop up gazebo. The Hercules™ pop up gazebo is easy and quick to erect and take down due to its concertina scissor frame structure, and offers dependable sturdiness in all situations. The canopy is manufactured using premium fabric which is waterproofed, flame retardant and has guarantee UV protection to UPF 50+. This user manual provides information about conditions of warranty and how to operate your Hercules™ pop up gazebo correctly to ensure trouble-free use and ease of operation.
Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the gazebo, and keep this manual in case you need it again in the future.



Read and follow the safety statements, warnings, assembly instructions and care directions before using the gazebo. Keep these instructions handy for future reference.
• Do not leave the gazebo erected in severe weather conditions, as damage may occur to the fabric and structure.
• Do not leave the gazebo outside unattended. This can cause your gazebo to serious damage. Pop up gazebos are designed as temporary shelters.
• Take great care of the gazebo in windy conditions and make sure always using tie-down ropes and pegs provided to prevent property damage or personal injury. Further support can be achieved by using sandbags and leg weight on each leg.
• Take great care of the gazebo in rain, make sure water does not pond on the canopy; the weight of the water could cause breakage and collapse.
• Do not fold up the gazebo with the canopy still attached. Remove canopy from the frame after use and store them in a dry place at room temperature then use them again the following day.
• Take a canopy down and store it away when is not being used, because long term exposure to sunlight will make colour fading easily and even damage.
• Allow the gazebo & accessories to completely dry before packing down and fitting the storage bag, do not store away wet.
• Keep flame and heat sources away from the gazebo fabric to prevent damage and safety hazard.
• Your Hercules™ pop up gazebo is NOT covered under warranty if damage occurs due to adverse weather conditions, incorrect erection, dismantling, packing, storage and colour fading of any fabric. However, Hercules™ Instant Shelter offers a repair service and replacement at a reasonable price.


• To regularly clean the gazebo canopy/side is recommended.
• Wipe down the surface with fresh cold water after use. To remove marks, wash it with hands or use a soft brush with cold water and a household mild detergent is recommended. Allow the gazebo to dry thoroughly.
• Do not use machine-wash and hand wash in hot water. Use a UV Protectant (specifically for fabric use) on the canopy and sides to prevent fading, cracking and premature ageing.

• To regularly clean the gazebo frame is recommended.
• Use a silicone spray on the frame either after use or in damp conditions. This will ensure your frame operates easily and will maintain a clean look. Be sure to remove any excess spray before attaching the roof.
• Ensure screws and nuts and bolts are checked and tightened using an Allen key or screwdriver on a regular basis.
• Do not use solvents on any parts of the gazebo.

• Frame and fabric need to be stored separately to prevent damage.
• Store in a dry place at room temperature is recommended.
• Always allow the gazebo to dry completely before packing and stowing. Pack away in damp, dirty or wet condition is not recommended.
• Avoid excessive pressure and contact with the non-colourfast material. Excessive sunlight exposure is not recommended.

To prevent damage during the transit, DO NOT position your gazebo horizontally with the canopy still attached.  Keep the gazebo protected with a protective cover like a carry bag.


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