Things to be aware of in the winter

Things to be aware of in the winter

Of all the four seasons bestowed upon us, winter is undoubtedly the worst. It is always windy, rainy and foggy in winter. However, there are a lot of outdoor event or tradeshows are held in the winter. Therefore, we have come out with some important thing to be aware in the winter.

Do not use your gazebo in bad weather conditions.

Some people protect their stalls or items under gazebos in high wind and heavy rain weather conditions. In fact, this is a bad idea.  Yes, you can protect your stocks with your gazebo but not in severe weather conditions.

There is no doubt that the Hercules aluminium pavilion is resistant to strong winds and rains. The maximum wind speed a Pro57 can withstand is 100 km/hr. However, this doesn’t mean that you could leave it outdoor in bad weather conditions to cover your items or stocks.

Pop-up gazebos are designed for open markets, business and any heavy-duty commercial use, but they are not designed to cover your stocks overnight in the bad weather. Therefore, the best way is to take it down and keep it inside when you are not using your gazebo.

Use your pegs and guy ropes

A set of pegs and guy ropes is included in every Hercules gazebo package.  Use the pegs and ropes to tie your gazebo down. In fact, this is the basic way or fundamental to secure your gazebo.  If you are using your gazebo on a concrete or hard standing ground, you can try to tie your gazebo to any stable objects next to it.

Steel leg weight should be used.

Made from cast iron, our steel stacking leg weights are the best solution for securing your shelter on hard standing ground. The leg weight can be simply slotted over the footplate around the leg and the next weight is stacked on top of the first disc. We have upgraded the weight of each steel plate from 12.5kg to 15kg new version since May 2019.

We recommend that you use one pair of weights per leg, which will add 30kg of hold-down weight to each leg. This will ensure that your unit will remain stable and safe in all but severe weather conditions.