Pop-up gazebo for New Zelanders

The weather in New Zealand is hard to predict and you always want to protect your family, friends, stand, stock and customers.

That is why having a pop-up gazebo or marquee that is able withstands the bad weather is important~

Hercules pop-up Gazebo is specially designed to prevent New Zealand’s weather

PVC coated polyester roof

~ PVC coated polyester gazebo roof has greater protection against rain, sun & wind than other normal gazebo roof.

Strong and durable frame structure.

As long as you tie the gazebo down, properly, all of our gazebo types can withstand strong wind & rain. Especially the strongest Pro57

Strong Full Velcro system

Hercules applies Velcro system to gazebo solid walls, window walls and door walls. This is because Velcro has better hooking ability if compared to other normal zip gazebo wall

Specially designed for New Zealanders

Hercules is a 100% NZ Owned & Operated. All our products are designed to

protect people in New Zealand against the bad weather condition. So, choose a New Zealand brand.