How To Take good care of your pop-up gazebo

Failure to take good care of your pop-up gazebo,marquee will damage your pop-up gazebo and shorten its lifespan. No matter how good the pop-up gazebo, marquee is, you need to take good care of it. Here are some guides of protecting your pop-up gazebo.

Tie Your Gazebo Down

Make sure you tie your pop-up gazebo, marquee down properly with pegs and guy ropes to make it sturdy in wind and rain. Certainly, if your pegs and ropes are not tied, your gazebo will collapse easily. Every pop-up gazebo, marquee package includes a set of pegs and guy ropes.

Steel Leg Weight

If you need to use your pop-up gazebo, marquee on the concrete floor, it is better to use steel leg weight or sandbag to support your gazebo to make it sturdy in wind and rain.

Take Your Canopy Off

Always take your pop-up gazebo canopy/roof off from the frame after finish using it. Keep it inside so it won’t be so easy to damage. If you put your canopy on the frame for a long time, the long-term friction in the corner of the frame could break or damage the canopy.

Clean Your Canopy

Clean your gazebo canopy often with warm water and add mild detergent. Scrub gently with the brush to remove the mildew and stain, do not scrub it too hard.