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How to look after your Venus Outdoor Umbrellas

Using the best materials will undoubtedly count a great deal in ensuring long-life for your Hercules outdoor umbrellas. However, it still doesn’t erase the need for regular maintenance. Below are some ultimate outdoor umbrella maintenance tips that will see your umbrella stand the test of time.

Open & close the umbrella properly We provide instruction manual to umbrella users. You must read our instruction manual carefully and follow the guide to open or close the umbrella. The umbrella canopy fabric should not be loose when open as it will flap in the wind causing unnecessary wear and tear. If you have purchased an umbrella with pulley system, be sure to get the locking pin into a suitable hole when you open the umbrella so that the canopy fabric is firm and taut as this makes the umbrella strong. Don’t pull out on the umbrella arms to open the umbrella as you risk bending the arms outwards. Instead pull down firmly on the rope to open the umbrella.

Using the right base Make sure you use the Hercules outdoor umbrella in a good quality and suitably weighted base. The stability of the umbrella in the wind is determined by the weight and size of the base. The bigger and heavier the better.

Stop using the umbrella in extreme winds Don’t use your umbrella in excessive winds. Close the umbrella and firmly apply the strap around the closed umbrella. If you have purchased a protective cover bag then also put that on the umbrella for extra protection.

Do not ignore the effect of damaged/missing parts Damaged or missing parts on your umbrella can cause further damage. Regularly check your umbrella framework for any missing or loose bolts and tighten as necessary, check for any damaged or bent arms, brackets or missing bolts and replace – we stock spare parts should you need.

Keep the canopy dry & clean Regular cleaning will ensure the maximum life of your canopy. The canopy in acrylic fabric can be washed in 40ºC warm water. You can remove any dirt or marks using warm soapy water and a cloth or a solid bristled brush. (Washing machine is not recommended.) If using a high pressure cleaner remember to keep the nozzle at least 30cms from canopy or risk damaging canopy. Allow the umbrella to dry completely before storing.

Extra care with a protective cover To ensure your umbrella fabric stays looking good for the maximum number of years its recommended you cover the umbrella with a protective cover when not in use. This reduces wear and tear on the fabric caused by pollution, dust, salt spray, pollen, birds, wind and excessive exposure to the sun.

Proper care and maintenance will ensure the maximum life of your umbrella.